LM Ardor is the author of the Gene Hacker Trilogy. The first in the trilogy is The Practice Baby, available for purchase now. Coming soon: Whose Baby?

Guest Reviewer:

“I am stunned and amazed by your novel and breathless in anticipation of the next one! There is so much about it I like not least of which is the excellent writing and the great structure. I love the fact that the protagonist is a menopausal woman and a GP. I love the skill you use in building the tension in the narrative both with the murder mystery and with the relationship with Raj. Your characters are just wonderful – Adam, Raj, Dee herself, Janine, the kids – they all jump off the page. I also love the glasshouse metaphor and much more … It is basically perfect— don’t change ANYTHING! Forget about aliens and zombies. This is the kind of thing our nightmares are made of –and if they’re not, they should be! A fast moving, tightly written thriller told with a GPs eye for detail. General Practice can be interesting, exciting and all consuming but only rarely is it as thrilling as this!”

Jan Orman, GP, psychotherapist, writer, blogger, co-convenor of a Creative Doctors Group.


Review, Adelaide Advertiser:

“GP Dee Flanary prides herself on knowing her patients well. So when a particular favourite dies of an apparent asthma attack, she cannot believe it. Cyber hacker Tom was the first baby
born to her Sydney practice and took obsessive care of his condition. But Dee can’t get the police to listen; she’s dismissed as menopausal, hysterical and bolshie. Only mutual friend Raj and Tom’s girlfriend Leah are on her side. And Leah, who suspects a leading geneticist is behind it, goes into hiding. It’s left to Dee and her fabulously flamboyant opera escort to investigate. Soon Dee feels she’s being watched and it doesn’t help that her former husband’s architectural masterpiece show home is made of glass. A trifle long, Ardor’s debut is nevertheless a nailbiter, with a gripping climax in remote bushland.”

Shelley Orchard, Adelaide Advertiser